sábado, 22 de mayo de 2010

It's H&M

Dear followers,
I spent yesterday afternoon shopping through Barcelona with some friends and enjoyed every single shop from the shop window to the till. H&M was of course, one of my favourites. I just realised when I came out the shop that  the few past collections they've launched are quite amazing. 

I actually bought a lovely simple black bikini (balconnette style),which I'm looking forward to get in a beautiful salmon colour as well from the bikinis and swimwear collection.  The whole line is gorgeous.. I really mean it. I kind of like most of the bikinis and tunics, and hats and...everything. I hope it doesn't become an obsession...

On the other hand, the newest collection, Fashion against Aids-Summer Festivals is totally OMG! I want every single piece! Everything is great, and the inspiration on summer festivals makes it much more attractive! I love it!

Finally, Garden Collection with Natasha Polly is lovely not just because Polly is the model, but because the dresses are made with environmentally adapted materials! The problem I've tried them all on, but still can't decide which one to keep! I want them all! 

I leave you with some videos on the campaigns!



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