jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

Red Sun nº5

GG: Georgina Vives (16)

S: Website/Blog: 
GG: www.toogirlytooyoung.blogspot.com. It mainly contains everything I like. Blogs are a mark of identity, my blog reflects who I am with perfection.
S: What Does Your Bed Look Like?
GG: My bed used to be pretty poor, but as soon as I had some time to take care of my room, I ended up buying loads of pillows and blankets, all of them different of course, but they kind of match all together. My bed is a metallic white so colors like violet, sky blue and silvery purples look pretty nice. Then I have this amazingly huge soft teddy bear that I got as a birthday present a few years ago.

S: What Is Your Favorite Meal Of The Day? What Do You Love To Eat?
GG: I think lunch is the meal I actually enjoy the most, even though I love coffees and cookies at noon/I love Sushi, Chinese, Mexican and Italian. I suppose I like everything that’s different. 

S: What Was Your Favorite Book In 6th Grade?
GG: Matilda, I loved it

S: Who Was Your First Crush?
GG: This guy in my class that’s now become kind of a nerd (Laughs)

S: If You Were A Designers Muse, Which Designer Would You Choose?
GG: Karl Lagerfeld 

S: What Inspires You The Most?

GG: I believe inspiration comes when it has to come. I get inspired with anything I like or enjoy. It could be a song I can’t stop listening to, a TV show or film, or even someone I’ve seen on the street. Anything.

S: What Advice Have You Gotten From Your Mom That You Cherish?

GG: “People, who are worth it, will like you for the way you are. You have to be yourself, always, no matter what" 

S: Which Parent Or Family Member Do You Resemble Most?

GG: My Dad, I’m just as grumpy and impatient as he is.

S: What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?
GG: The only thing I know is that it will be something related to fashion. 

S: If You Could Be An Animal Or Mystical Creature What Would It Be And Why?
GG: A Dinosaur. A big one, green and vegetarian.
S: Do You Have Any Reoccurring Dreams?
GG: I always dream about really weird stuff, it’s actually quite worrying. Once I had this continuous dreams that were like if I was living a second life…Ti ru ri ru, ti ru ri ru…

S: If You Were To Advise Me On Making You A T Shirt, What Would It Look Like?
GG: Old and dirty, ripped and filthy. Covered in chains and vintage flowers, and with golden coined pads.

S: Where Are You Going Next?
GG: Somewhere chilly, hot, and summery.


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