viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010

What's about the girl?

Sienna Miller has always and will always be a classic fashion icon. Everyone knows Sienna Miller, and everyone knows about her style. Her style is simple and discrete, very trendy and cool. She always leans back to the typical bohemian look adding something special, something personal, something very "Sienna".
That's why I like her so much. She can wear anything she likes and will always look stunning and stylish.

Even if it's kind of usual for someone to like and try to copy Sienna Miller's style, I still do. I mean, I don't understand why Sienna could be included in a passed and typical muse. If people like her it's because she does something different, right? So then, why do they keep her as "Well, yeah, you know, Sienna Miller".
I will always continue liking her as I've always done. It's Sienna Miller! Unique and original!

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  1. Gracias por tu commentt!!! Te sigo, me gusta tu blog!!!

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  3. I'll always adore that girl! So beautiful and such perfect style.