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Make-up tips: Everyday Look

Dear followers,
It’s been a long time since the last time I posted…Lots of things have been coming up lately…I had even planned going to The Brandery today but it was imposible given that my whole family has come to spend some days with us.
Well, the thing is, I’ve decided to post on make-up tips. Lots of people often ask me like what do I use to do my eyes like that, which mascara do I use to have long and dark eyelashes, what blush do I prefer…
So I’ve chosen the products I most use and usually buy. 
Today I will be talking about my day look.
Here it goes!

It’s summer now, so I try to wear very discreet and comfortable makeup during the day (by comfortable I mean not sticky), because everyone knows that the most horrible thing that can happen is that your face starts getting shinny and sweaty and all the makeup starts to get noticed a lot.
So what I normally used for winter was the Mousse by Maybelline, Sand color, but in Christmas by mum gave me this wonderful day makeup, which is like cream with a little bit of color and it’s exactly what I use for summer now. It’s from Sephora, Benefit. And it’s really great. After apply some of that I then use this lovely mineral powder from Maybelline to give a little bit of color.

I just got as a present these great eye shadows from Dior, and that is what I use for my eyes during daytime. The colors are perfect, really soft and really summery. They suite me because my pale skin and my green eyes combine really well with browns and creams.
So, I first apply the lightest color in the inner third of my eyelid to make my eyes look brighter. Next I use the salmon orange color and apply it on the middle part of my eyelid taking it to the very end of my eye’s corner. Finally I mix the middle color, that’s kind of an olive tone with the terracotta reddish and apply them on the outer third of the lid to make the look a bit deeper. 

As the final step to complete the look I use my favorite mascara ever: MaxFactor’s False Lash Effect! It’s absolutely fantastic and it makes my eyes look huge!

So, here is my latest everyday look! 
Hope you enjoyed! Big kiss to all of you and thank you all for following!


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