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Heroin Chic: Corinne Day

Corinne Day, is a British photographer whose influence on the style and perception of photography in the early 1990s has been immense. As a self taught photographer, Day brought a more hard edged documentary look to fashion image making, in which she often included biographical elements. Day is known for forming long and close relationships with many of her sitters (most famously Kate Moss), which have resulted in candid and intimate portraits. The most notable of these being the photographs of Moss in the 3rd Summer of Love editorial for the FACE magazine in 1990. Days approach as illustrated within the lifestyle and fashion magazines of the 1990s, came to be known as grunge and grew into an international style.
In 1993 Day photographed Kate Moss in her own flat for British Vogue. In the context of a fashion magazine the images appear to have a documentary feel about them and when published caused a certain frisson of discomfort.
For the following seven years Day spent much of her personal time taking photographs for her first book, Diary (Kruse Verlag, 2000), an intensely personal visual record of her life and friends. It is by turns both bleak and dispearing but it is also a tender, poetic and honest chronicle of young lives.
Corinne Day continues to take photographs for fashion magazines. She is regularly commissioned by British, Italian and Japanese Vogue. Days work has been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, Victoria & Albert Museum, Tate Modern, Saatchi Gallery, The Science Museum, The design Museum, Photographers Gallery, Gimpel Fils London and included in The Andy Warhol exhibition at the Whitney Museum NY.

Kate Moss was only 15 years old in this picture. Amazing. Such a beautiful teenager.


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Formentera's photo Diary: Coming soon!

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NEW SEASON: Outfit 3

NEW SEASON: Outfit 2

NEW SEASON: Outfit 1

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Elisa Sednaoui and Siena Fleming. Amazing styles. Love them both,

Siena Fleming discussing her Mechanisms from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.


domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

My own little mission

-T-shirt and shorts from Zara
-Vintage Sunglasses
-Old white Victoria's

I'm off to Formentera guys! And that means I won't be posting for quite a long time...But the photos from our voyage will be definitely, amazing, given that I'll be spending lots of time with my two lovely friends, also bloggers, Ana from and Annie from

Have a lovely summer everyone and take pictures and pictures for inspiration!