jueves, 5 de agosto de 2010

Jean Paul Gautier, a man with personality

I’ve recently been following Jean Paul Gautier’s movements.  I loved his Spring 2010 Ready to Wear collection because, given that the dominant theme this season is underwear (something I absolutely love about 2010), I knew Jean Paul just couldn’t ignore it, and he didn’t.
So, after reading an article about him this morning, I’ve realized he is actually great and unique in every single way. He is one of the few designers that takes complete care of his brand, and has also never signed for another designer or brand, which I think is great.
He started working with Pierre Cardin, as an assistant, and from there, he created his own line, which has taken him to the top of the tops. He actually says, in the interview, that he used to send his drawings to high street designers (Clever boy).
He also doesn’t understand why designers pay actresses and celebrities to wear their designs on the red carpet, when, in his opinion, actresses should ask designers if they can wear this specific piece because they actually like and want to wear it. Which I also think is great. This is all true, because Marion Cotillard has been one of the few celebrities who has actually worn a Jean Paul Gautier on the red carpet, at the Oscar’s to be specific. And he says, he only gave it to her because she practically prayed to have it because she simply loved it.
I know money and business, many times, overcomes fashion and its goods but I really think that it’s sad and quite pathetic that people can’t get to choose the dress they want, because they simply love the color, the pattern or the shape. It’s such a shame. I mean, most of celebrities nowadays keep their look quite simple on the red carpet because they just don’t feel the need to stand out. They just wear what they think looks good, never experimenting, what they are told to wear, or even, what they are given (because I’m sure most of them don’t actually BUY the stuff they wear).
So, here’s the truth: Fashion has unfortunately lost quite a bit of its glamour.

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