miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010

Lanvin love's H&M and we LOVE Lanvin

I'm quite a HUGE fan of Lanvin and the collaboration the designer is doing with H&M has me REALLY excited. A part from my passion for Lanvin’s designs, there is the COINCIDENCE that I have quite a lot of money saved, which means I’ll be sleeping at the very first H&M shop I find (I hope not to become a complete SHOPAHOLIC) on the 23rd  of this month, which is obviously, the BIG DAY. Here is my Lanvin <3 H&M wish list. Hope you like it, and can’t wait to try those dresses on and of course, post some pictures wearing them! Yay!

P.S; I think Natasha Polly looks totally amazing in the collection's video

¿Don't you think? ¿BTW, what is your favourite piece? 

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